The Mental Game

Common performance issues

– You have problems to access your training performance in the game?

– You are choking more and more often?

– You lose track of your game plan?
– You are stuck at your level and fail to improve?
– Do you actually breathe? Sure?
– Your game is very inconsistent, some days are great, others you can’t perform
– You struggle to keep your emotions under control?

So how do we work?

How we Start – Analyse the status quo:

What exactly is holding you back? We ask you to fill out our assessment form to get a better idea of your Status Quo: where do you stand in your performance, which issues do you face and want to have addressed.

In the next Step – Learn techniques:

Depeding on the analysis we put a portfolio of different techniques together. Most of which are also useful in your day-to-day life.

Moving on – make Use of the techniques:

Use the techniques and make them your routine. Reach peak performance (the Flow) more often and play your best game.

Of course, we guarantee confidentiality in every stage of the coaching process!

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